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Cille's Doilies

These are doilies I have crocheted. They are in alphabetical order.

Doilies A - B Doilies C - H Doilies I - O Doilies P - R Doilies S - T Doilies U - Z

I've done my best to indicate where the pattern can be found, either by linking to it or giving the book source for it.

Several of the doilies were crochet-alongs so if there is no pattern information listed, I don't know where the pattern came from.

If you see anything on the page that is not labeled and you know the name of the doily or where the pattern came from,

please email me at and I will add it to the page.

Also if you discover any links that are not working,

please let me know that too and I will fix them or remove them if they can't be fixed.


Free Patterns

Blue Pineapples Crowns Surround Feathered Petals

Pineapple Delight

These are my designs, feel free to share them, but do not try to sell the patterns or call them your own.